Vegan registration of Sheet Masks, Creamy Masks and Cleansing Tissues!

관리자 2020.02.03

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The interest in Green Cosmetics is getting hot enough to come out with the coined word

"Vegetarianism on the skin". In the meantime, Adwin Korea has registered five kinds of skin

care products (two sheet masks, two creamy masks, and one cleansing tissues) in the British

"Vegan Society". The Vegan Society is the oldest vegan organization in the world, and they

only grant vegan trademarks to products that meet strict vegan standards, such as banning

animal testing, banning GMOs, and banning animal raw materials.

Adwin Korea introduced five new vegan products as Purederm brand, including sheet masks,

creamy masks and cleansing tissues, by incorporating the five vegan products. In addition to the

vegan formula, these new products can be applied to biodegradable non-woven fabric to make

them more mild to the skin and contribute to the protection of the global environment.

We also expect that natural packaging design of the Kraft feeling applied to these new products

will surely meet consumer needs.