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P/D Crystal Nose Pore Strips

  • ITEM NO. ADS669

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Product Information

Purederm Crystal Nose Pore Strip is an advanced pore cleansing treatment that adheres to your skin transparently like crystal and absorbs and lifts out blackheads & dirt quickly and completely.

▶ Super close to the curved area!

Crystal Nose Pore Strip are made of skinny mesh, which is a very thin mesh fabric that adheres perfectly to the curved areas around your nose, making it possible to remove the impurities even where blackhead removal is not easy due to skin curvature.

▶ Quick & No irritation

The special manufacturing method has dramatically shortened the use time(apprx. 5 minutes), thereby minimizing skin irritation caused by drying.

▶ No residue leaves on the skin!

Crystal Nose Pore strips cleanly remove blackhead and leave no residue on the skin, improving the discomfort of normal nose strips that had to be washed off after use.

How to use

1. After cleansing your face, thoroughly wet your nose with water. * Please note that if you apply water directly to the nose strip instead of applying to the nose, the effect may be reduced.  2. Apply the strip to moistened nose area with the shiny side facing your skin. Press down and smooth out air bubbles, ensuring good contact with skin.  3. Let the strip dry for 5~10 minutes. The strip should feel stiff as it dries. * The actual drying speed may vary depending on temperature, humidity and skin condition.  4. After the strip is dried, slowly and carefully peel off strip starting at edges, pulling toward center.

Capacity and Packing Specifications

Unit Pack : 6strips
Inner Pack : 12ea
Case Pack : 192ea
Gross Weight : 5kg
Case Cube : 0.067CBM