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P/D Vegan Bluberry Sheet Mask

  • ITEM NO. ADS873

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Product Information

Bleneded with Blueberry Extract and VitaminB, Purederm Vegan Bluberry Sheet Mask is a convenient and luxurious way to purify and vitalize your tire skin.
Also, our Natural Biodegradable Fabric provides exceptional softness and mild skin care without irritation. Made with renewal resources, this natural-based fabric is gentle on the environment.

How to use

1. Thoroughly cleanse & dry face.
2. Take out and unfold the mask and apply it on your face.
3. Wear the mask for 15~29 minutes and peel off slowly from the edges.

Capacity and Packing Specifications

Unit Pack: 20g Inner Pack: 7ea Case Pack: 18ea Gross weight: 2.5kg Case Cube: 0.0270CBM