Rubber Gel Mask


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  Lip Tint


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  Petal Mg:gel Mask


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  Micro Fill Patch


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Brand Stories


Purer! Healthier! PUREDERM

· Release Year 2002
· Brand story
Literally meaning ‘Pure Skin’, dewy skin-friendly cosmetic PUREDERM brand
uses a moisturizing, low-irritation formula for lively, gorgeous skin, giving the
gift of relaxation and healthy beauty to your precious skin.
Since making its debut on the global market in 2002, PUREDERM is leading
beauty trends with its revolutionary products including skincare, cleansing,
and masks, that are in step with the lifestyles and desires of women
Additionally, it is Adwin Korea’s representative brand that is gaining doting
customers not just in Asia but all over the world.

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Natural Science Skin Solution Cosmetic, CELKIN

· Release Year 2014
· Brand story
CELKIN, a term combining the words ‘cell’ and ‘skin’, is a medical cosmetic
brand that uses an exquisite formula that helps to deliver active ingredients to the skinto aid maintenance of skin balance.
By strengthening every single skin cell to provide genuine beauty, CELKIN is
working tirelessly to turn over a new leaf as a beauty solution cosmetic.

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The Secret for Sweet Girls! Prreti:

· Release Year 2016
· Brand story
Prreti:is always cheering on girls who shine with a bright and positive energy.With the slogan ‘The Secret for Sweet Girls’,Prreti: aims to present a joyful
energy and exciting and pleasant experiences to girls with their fresh

By offering a wide spectrum of colors and lovely designs to fit the diverse
tastes of all customers, they are pioneering beauty trends as a K-Beauty brand with reliable quality at reasonable prices.

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A Smart Choice for Healthy Beauty, SKINLITE

· Release Year 2004
· Brand story
SKINLITE, a combination of the words ‘skin’ and ‘elite’, presents the image of a unique, intelligent woman rejecting the ordinary and working hard to find her own fundamental beauty.
Leading a new wave of beauty, SKINLITE is a premium brand that leads a
movement towards individual and differentiated beauty through smart
skincare from head to toe by providing a level of beauty that is more than

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No Mess, Just Press and Mix! PRESS’nMIX

· Release Year 2009
· Brand story
Referring to Adwin Korea’s one-step hair dye technology used after pressing
and mixing, PRESS’nMIXis a hair care solution that promotes a ‘convenient
lifestyle’ with products optimized for self hair styling.
PRESS’nMIX is always devising convenient and revolutionary technology for
all-in-one perfect hair styling.

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Soft Every Day, Protecting the Whole Family’s Skin and Health, CAREDERM

· Release Year 2002
· Brand story
Literally meaning ‘caring for the skin,’ CAREDERM is a brand that specializes in healthcare items necessary in our daily lives, such as baby wipes,
tongue brushes, and nose bands.
CAREDERM stands with you to provide products that protect the health of
everyone, from delicate infants to adults.

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· Release Year 2015
· Brand story
We have developed and launch special baby care products with milder, softer and safer formulation, such as “Eco-friendly”, “Organic”, “Natural” and also
promoted these baby products through, famous comedian, “Jongchul Jung”,
so we have applied his nickname, “OKDONGJA” on these new baby products.

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