Rubber Gel Mask


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  Lip Tint


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  Petal Mg:gel Mask


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  Micro Fill Patch


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Factory Status

Pyeongtaek Factory

Pyeongtaek Factory, which started operating in Jan, 2012, has been manufacturing facial sheet masks and other various skin care cosmetics, and through the
completion of the 2nd expansion in Oct, 2014, organized the biggest production capacity which can manufacture not only all kinds of cosmetics except for hair
color cosmetics, but also quasi-drugs including hair color items. Moreover, through having got the CGMP certificate from KFDA in 2015, Pyeongtaek Factory has
become specializedmanufacturer for health & beauty care products with global competitiveness, in name as well as in reality.
Factory Overview
· Plottage : 5,644㎡
· Total Floor Area : 12,307㎡
· Main Facilities : Cosmetic Mixer
Color Cosmetic Mixer
Filling&Packing Lines
Main Products
Skin Cares, Cleansing, Facial Sheet Masks,
Hair&Body Cares, Hand&Foot Cares, Hair Colors
Bulk Manufacturing Facilities
10 Mixers (3t*1,2t*1, 1t*3, 0.5t*3, 0.3t*2)
Filling&Packing Facilities
· Basic Cosmetics Filling Line 6ea
· Facial Sheet Mask Line 11ea
· Tube Filling Line 2ea
· Heat-generated Filling Line 1ea
· Pouch Cosmetics Filling Line 12ea
· Hair Color Filling Line 3ea
· Miniature Sample Filling Line 2ea
Factory Overview 1
Factory Overview 2
Waste Water Disposal Facility
Warehouse for Finished
Goods and Package Materials
Bulk Manufacturing Facilities
Filling Machines for Pouch Cosmetics
Speed Door(Shutter)
Filling & Packing Rooms
QC&QA Room
Show Room 1
Show Room 2
Show Room 3

Hwasung1 Factory

Hwasung1 factory, which completed in Sep, 2008, has been manufacturing cleansing wipes, various wet wipes, hand&foot masks, teeth cleaning wipes, nasal strips,
finger teeth wipes and other various new products. Most of those products have been exported to overseas market. Especially, through developing some unique typed
skin care products by converting fabric materials, Hwasung1 Factory has been striving to open up new concept of cosmetics, continuously.
Factory Overview
· Plottage : 10,600㎡
· Total Floor Area : 8,300㎡
· Main Facilities : Manufacturing Lines for Cleansing&WetWipes Hand&Foot Masks
Nasal Strips, Finger Teeth Wipes
Teeth Cleaning Wipes. Sterilizer
with high temperature & pressure. Ultrasonic Converting Machines.
Main Products
Cleansing&WetWipes, Hand&Foot Masks,
Nasal Strips, Finger Teeth Wipes,
Teeth Cleaning Wipes
Automatic Folding M/C for wet wipes
Wet Wipes Line
Teeth Cleaning Wipes Line
Finger Teeth Wipes Line
Warehouse for Finished
Goods and Package Materials
Air Shower System

Hwasung 2 Factory

Hwasung2 Factory was our first manufacturing site which completed in 2003, and afterwards, through the expansion and re-building in 2013, it has been re-organized
as leading company in the field of patch cosmetics which have been changed the concept of cosmetics from “putting-on” to “adhering”. Especially, through technology
and know-how for coating of hydro-gel formula which shows excellent moisturizing effect and adhesion effect, this factory has been manufacturing so various typed
patches, such as Hydro-gel Face Masks, Nose Pore Strips, Eye Gel Patches, Spot Reducer Patches, Callus Reducer Patches, Body Slimming Patches and Lip Care Gel
Patches and so on. And now, Hwasung 2 Factory is striving to complete the high-tech DDS(Drug Delivery System), continuously.
Factory Overview
· Plottage : 3,300㎡
· Total Floor Area : 3,300㎡
· Main Facilities : Hydro-gel  Coating&Converting Line
Nose  Pore Strips  Line
Eye  Patches  Line
Heel  Patch  Line
Main Products
Hydro-gel Masks
Nose Pore Strips
Eye Patches
Spot Reducer Patches
Callus Reducer Heel Patches
Body Slimming Patches
Lip Care Gel Patch.
Hydro-gel Coating&Converting Line
Nose Pore Strips Line
Heel Patch Line

Suzhou Factory

Suzhou Factory, which located in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China, was established in 2015, under the motto to introduce superior technology of Korean cosmetics in China, and to take a role of advance guard for satisfying Chinese customers’ needs for Korean cosmetics. Under a CGMP leveled facilities, this factory can
manufacture and supply “Facial Sheet Masks”,“Pouch Cosmetics”,“Multi-step Treatments”,“Hydro-gel Masks”,“Nose Pore Strips”,“Eye Patches” and other attractive skin
care products to Chinese market.
Factory Overview
· Total Floor Area : 3,300㎡
· Main Facilities : Homo Mixer
Facial  Sheet  Mask  Lines
Hydro-gel Coating&Converting Line
Nose Pore Strips Line
Eye Patch Line
Pouch Cosmetics Line
Main Products
· Facial  Sheet Masks
· Multi-step Masks
· Hydro-gel Masks
· Nose Pore Strips
· Eye Patches
· Pouch Cosmetics
· Hand&Foot Masks