Rubber Gel Mask


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  Lip Tint


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  Petal Mg:gel Mask


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  Micro Fill Patch


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ADWIN KOREA's Manufacturing Process
Water Purification
Water Purification System

By Combining “Reverse Osmosis”(RO)
and “Electro Deionizer System”(EDI),
we produce purified water that is close
to ultra-pure water through the seven
stages of water purification process.

7 stages of water purification process

① Carbon Filter→ ② Micro-Filter →
③ Water Softening Facility →
④ Precise Filtering Facility →
⑤ Reverse Osmosis System(RO) →
⑥ EDI → ⑦ UV sterilizer

Storage of Raw &
Subsidiary Materials
Warehouse of Raw Materials

As soon as raw materials are stocked,
weinspect and evaluate whether
the quantity, appearance and other
qualities are identical to our standard
spec. This inspection is executed for not
only physical properties like appearance
but also for chemical properties such as
microbiological testing, contents ratio,
viscosity etc. by various kinds of testing
equipments.The raw materials which
passed the above inspections are labeled
and then moved to and stored at
designated storage area, which
separated each on high-temperature
or low-temperature or room temperature. And, afterwards, the expired materials
are disposed.

Weighing & Bulk 
Weighing raw materials

All raw materials are weighed
automatically, by computer program, and all information of weighing are recorded
and managed by labelling.

Manufacturing of Bulk Liquid

After weighing raw materials,
we manufacture bulk liquid by putting
those materials into mixing tanks,
according to the specific procedure which
recorded on manual. We possessvarious
capacity of mixing tanks such as 3ton,
2ton, 1ton 0.5ton and 0.3ton.

Inspection for Bulk Liquid

After manufacturing bulk liquid,
we inspect and evaluate the
physical & chemical properties, such as
microbiological testing, specific gravity,
viscosity, solidity and pH by various kinds
of equipments.

Filling and Packing

Filling process is to put the exact quantity of bulk liquid which set on machine into
package materials. And this process can
be available on various typed package
materials, such as pouch films, tubes
plastic containers, pump-typed bottle
or others.


We are packing in various ways the
half - finished products for avoiding any
damage and also for improving the
outlook of products, such as individual
unit packing and unit box packing
shrink-wrapped packing, inner box
packing and master carton packing.
Through the above various packing
process, finished products are completed.

Quality Testing
Microbiological testing

All finished products are executed
microbiological testing by well-equipped
instruments and process which recorded
on manual. And, only the products which matched for the standard spec through
this microbiological testing can be moved
into and stored at warehouse.

Testing for physical and chemica properties

In addition to microbiological testing, all
finished products are tested and checked
for various physical and chemical
properties, such as pH, viscosity, solidity,
specific gravity, HPLC test and so on.
And also sometimes, if necessary, we are
applying the higher graded testing to
outer institutes.

Delivery of finished products

Only the products, which matched for the
standard spec through quality testing can
be moved to and stored at warehouse.
And, according to the request of our
customers, those products are delivered or shipped to the place which customers
designate. Of course, all information on
the above delivery or shipment is
managed and controlled by ERP system.