Rubber Gel Mask


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  Lip Tint


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  Petal Mg:gel Mask


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  Micro Fill Patch


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Main Research Areas

Our R&D Center is striving to create the best value of products through
continuous research & development and investment.
01.Development of Core Formulation
for Cosmetics
We are trying to make development of various formulation which matched
for customers needs. Actually we are striving to supply the best solution for
making skin beautiful and healthy in various skin care field, such as
fundamental skin care products, cleansing products, facial masks, body&hair
cares and hand&foot cares and up to baby care products. Also, we are trying
to research and develop for focusing on higher-leveled development of
various functional cosmetics for wrinkle care, whitening, UV protection, 
ultra-hydration minimizing skin irritation, improvement of hypo-allergenic
preservative formula and natural&organic cosmetics.
02. Development of Patch Typed
ADWIN KOREA R&D Center is the leader who has changed the concept
of cosmetics from “putting-on” to “adhering”. Since we showed our unique
and specific coating technology by launching “Nose Pore Strips” in the early
1990s’ we have been upgrading this technology by developing various
hydro-gel typed products such as Eye Gel Patches, Spot Reducer Patches,
Callus Reducer Heel Patches and Lip Gel Patches continuously, and eventually
we have reached to the development of water-soluble hydro-gel typed
products with higher hydration and more adhesion and better quality,
and these products have been already recognized as innovative cosmetic
products by worldwide customers. Above all, the CO2 patches which
developed recently are manufactured by too difficult technology to coat
acids and salts on the surface of fabric material, and this product has already
been proved to show some excellent effect for reducing cellulite and
improving blood circulation.
Eventually, we are trying our best to be the R&D Center which specialized in
the field of Medical Beauty Cosmetics, by researching & developing the DDS
(Drug Delivery System) which considered as the promising technology in the
03. Development of various pouchtyped products
Our technology to manufacture pouch typed products, initiated by
producing the small sized sample pouches, and then, consecutively, has been
developed and commercialized to the various shaped or typed pouches, such
as round shape or specific shapes, for example, face, hair or body shapes in
which min.10g~max.50g of liquid can be filled, and multi-step pouches in
which several different liquids can be filled. Especially, in the field of hair color, we have developed and patented innovative technology by which can be
packed & mixed the developer and hair color in a pouch. And, not limited to
this step, we have been striving to develop so various and convenient pouch
typed hair color products consecutively and making some important epoch in
the hair color market. Eventually, through our innovative and various typed
pouches, consumers may get a chance to use cosmetic much more easily and more conveniently.
04. Technology of converting various
fabric materials
ADWIN KOREA has accumulated specific technology to convert fabric
materials variously in cutting, folding, printing, impregnation, adhesion
by heat and converting by ultrasonic waves and, eventually, we have
launched so many and practical items, by combining these various fabric
materials and cosmetic formula. For instance, “Hand&Foot Moisturizing
Masks” and “Exfoliating Foot Mask” which manufactured by putting specific
formula liquid into glove or sock typed fabric materials, and “Finger Teeth
Wipes” which manufactured by coating mouth wash liquid on thimble
shaped fabric materials, and “Nasal Strips” which manufactured by combining
fabric material and elastic carrier, were already ranked on our hot sellers list
and also as the successors, “Micro Fiber Pads” and “Fingernail Masks” and
Hair Heating Cap” and “Fruit Point Pads” were recognized for high-tech in
fabric-converting process and the specific design, and all of these products
are regarded as most practical and attractive products by many consumers
around the world. In the future, by upgrading this technology to combine
fabric materials and functional cosmetic liquids continuously, we will make
this one become the growth engine to lead future’s cosmetic industry.