Rubber Gel Mask


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  Lip Tint


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  Petal Mg:gel Mask


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  Micro Fill Patch


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ADWIN KOREA Corp., the specialized health & beauty company, who pursues convenience and beauty, provides true beauty through the differentiated R&D technologies.

Manufacturing Process

  • Bulk Production

  • Filling

  • Packing

  • Shipping

  • Inspection of Raw and subsidiary materials
  • Inspection of half-finished goods
  • Inspection of filling and packing status
  • Out going Inspection

Product List

Basic Skin Cares

Skin, Lotion, Essence, Emulsion, Cream, Ampoule
Cleansing, Facial Oil, Men’s skincare, etc.

Functional Cosmetics

Wrinkle Reducing, Brightening, Combined Functional
Cosmetics, Suncare Products, etc.

Hair&Body Cares

Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment, Hair Serum, Hair
Clinic Products, Body Cleanser, Body Lotion,
Body Cream, Body Balm, Body Oil, Hand Care Products, Foot Care, etc.

Baby Products

Baby Cleanser, Baby Lotion, Baby Shampoo, Baby Oil,

Special Products

High Temperature Filling Products, Double Layer Filling Products, etc.


A sheet type mask helps deliver nutrients inside each formula to the skin effectively, so you can feel the changes in your skin after use and there’s no need to wash off
your face afterwards. It’s possible to customize the sheet masks in several ways according to sheet materials, formulations, sachet shape, packaging, and etc.

Manufacturing Process

  • Sheets

  • Press

  • Folding

  • Enreloping

  • Sterilizing

  • Filling

  • Packing

Product List

Sheet Mask

Sheet masks with various shape of sachets. Rectangle, Round, Figuration, and etc.

3D Mask

3-dimentional sheet designed to provide perfect
coverage for face.

Multi-Step Mask

Multi-step program that combines the benefits of sheet masks and ampoule, peeling gel, cream, and etc.
in one sachet(2-step, 3-step).

Press & Fresh Mask

Newly developed sheet masks which do not contain
unnecessary chemical preservatives with theseparate
packaging for the mask fabric and the essence so
they can be combined immediately before use.

Hand&Foot Mask

Convenient glove-type/sock-type mask for moisturizing hand and foot.

Foot Peeling Mask

Convenient sock-type mask for peeling away calluses
and dead skin cells.

Nail Mask

Thimble shaped mask to treat the nails damaged by
excessive nail art and removal of cuticles.

Eye Zone Mask

Specialized mask for the thin and sensitive skin around the eyes.

Hair Mask

Convenient cap-type mask for hair treatment withou
flowing down.

Available Materials

division Specifications Remarks
Sheets Materials Spunlace : 55g, 60g, 75g, 80g
Cotton : 60g, 80g
Pulp : 40g, 48g
Microfiber : 70g, 90g
Tencel : 40g, 60g
Long Fiber : 60g
Coated material : Red clay, Green Tea, Mud, Skin gel
Printed material : Animals, Flowers, Other images
image view

Shapes One piece : about 100 kinds of shapes
Separate piece : top and bottom
3D : 3-dimentional sheet designed to cover curvy face
Other : Neck, T-Zone, U-Zone, Eye-Zone


We offer entirely different cleanness through seven stages of the water purification system in which Reverse Osmosis(RO) and Electro Deionizer System(EDI) are

Seven stages of the Water Purification System

  • Carbon Filter

  • Micro Filter

  • Water Softener

  • Precision Filter

  • Reverse Osmosis(RO)

  • EDI

  • UV Sterilizer

Product List

Portable Wipes

From 10 sheets to 30 sheets are available depending
on fabric materials.

Big Volume Wipes

From 50 sheets to 120 sheets are availlable depending on fabric materials. Adding a plastic lid on the top is

Make-up Cleansing Wipes

To gently cleanse and remove make-up. From 10 sheets to 120 sheets are available.

Functional Wipes

Feminine Wipes, Deodorizing Wipes, Tanning Wipes,

Mini Size Wipes

Easy to carry. From 10 sheets to 15 sheets are available.

Pocket Tissues

Body Cleansing Pads and Face Cleansing Pads are

Remover Pads

Hygienic single sheet type. Nail Polish Remover Pads
and Make-up Remover Pads are available.

Microfiber Pocket Pads

Microfiber material provides perfect cleansing, peeling & exfoliating. Dual-sided & pre-moistened, pocket type design is easy to use.

Pads in Jar

For multiple use(contains 30-40 sheets). Lip&Eye Make-up Remover Pads and Nail Polish Remover Pads are

Available Materials

Plain Spunlace fabric

It’s the most commonly used material made from a combination of Rayon and PET.

Embossed Spunlace fabric

It is thick and embossed enough to cleanse

Hole-Type Spunlace fabric

It is the spunlace material which have numerous
holes for better cleansing.

Airlaid Pulp

Made of natural pulp, it is suitable for sensitive
skin. It is mainly used for facial sheet masks
and feminine wipes due to great
adhesion & absorbency.

Hydro Gel

Hydrogel formula is well-known for its great adhesion & absorbency.
We provide various types of Hydrogel products–Normal Hydro Gel Mask, Multi-Step Hydro Gel Mask, Bundle Package(Multi-use) Hydrogel Mask, Eye Patches in Jar,
and etc.

Manufacturing Process

  • Liquid Formulation

  • Coating

  • Cooling

  • Cutting

  • Filling

  • Packing

Product List

Hydro Gel

It is the most commonly used mask and there are a
variety of types, such as Facial Mask, Eye Mask,
Neck Mask, Gold Hydro Gel Mask,
Printing Hydro Gel Mask, and etc.

Multi-Step Hydro Gel

It is the multi-step program that combines the benefits of synergy ampoule and hydro gel mask in one pouch.

Hydro Gel Eye Patches in Jar

It is convenient to use and keep as for
multiple-use package(jar). 60 sheets of eye patch can
be packed in the jar.


These are special treatments which can care some specific area of the face & body, intensively. Especially, by applying hydro-gel formulation, these can give excellent
adhesion and hydrating effect.

Manufacturing Process

  • Bulk For-mulation

  • Coating

  • Cutting

  • Packing

Product List

Nose Pore Strips

Peel-off typed strips good for removing dirt and oil and clogging pores around nose.

Eye Gel Patches

Special patch typed treatments for thin and delicate
skin around eyes.

Spot Reducer Patches

Special patch typed treatments for calming minimizing troubled skin areas and treating acne.

Callus Reducer Heel Patches

Special patch typed treatments for moisturizing and
soothing and protecting dry, cracked, callused heels.

Lip Care Gel Patches

Special treatments for caring dry and dull lips and skin
around mouth.

Other Patches

Eye goggle patches, V-line patches, Breast patches,
Chin & brow patches, etc.

Available Moulds

Special Cares

Through developing new & special high-tech products with patent, we are enhancing the competitiveness in the worldwide market. And also, we are striving to match up for customers’ needs by launching up-to-date and fresh products.

Product List

Natural Rice Paper Mask

Made of rice & tapioca starch, this mask has excellent
skin adhesion and good moisture effect. Available for
facial care, body care, neck care, etc.

CO2 Patches (Patented)

Made by advanced, patented technology. The acids
and salts spread on the patch generate a large amount of CO2 upon contact with gel or essence.

Micro Needle Patches

The Micro Patch is made from 95% hyaluronic acid and create a path through which hyaluronic acid is
absorbed into the skin.

Bio-Cellulose Mask

Made with fermented coconut water, these can be
adhered more closely on face or skin, and can keep
face or skin more moisturized longer.

Oil Salt Scrub

Made with natural salt and oil which separated on
different layers, these can help to remove dead skin cell and give hydrating effect on the skin, more effectively.


Also, we are trying our best to follow-up customers’ needs by developing and launching a variety of Quasi-Drugs and Health Care Products.

Product List

One-step Hair Colors (Shampoo Type)

This innovative hair color combines a hair color and
developer in one sachet with two separate parts. All
you have to do is just press of the hair color sachet.
“Just press, let it mix, and then squeeze!”

Dual Pouch Hair Colors (Cream Type)

This hair color uses a unique packaging technology to
keep hair color and developer separate until they are ready for use. All you have to do is just squeeze them
onto enclosed comb and comb your hair with it!
Drip-free 10 minute formula!

Nasal Strips

Made by combining fabric material and elastic
carrier, help improve nasal breathing by gently
opening nasal passages. Also these relieve nasal
congestion due to sinus colds and allergies, and reduce or eliminate snoring.

Finger Teeth Wipes

Made by coating mouth wash liquid on thimble shaped fabric materials, help cleanse the teeth without
toothpaste and toothbrush. Through high-temp.
sterilization system, more hygienically to be used.

Teeth Cleaning Tissues

Tissues which specialized in cleaning teeth without
toothpaste and toothbrush. Through high-temp.
sterilization system, more hygienically to be used.


By possessing the largest number of free-moulds in the same industry field, we can furnish so many & various typed pouches which can maximize visual and aesthetic
effect to consumers.

Product List

Figuration Shaped Pouches

By various figuration shapes, these pouches can
maximize visual effect ofcosmetics and easily
emphasize the concept of products.

Large Volume Pouches

Pouches which can contain over 10g of liquids.
Available for body cares, hair cares and creamy
face masks.

Hair Color Pouches

Pouches which keep excellent durability by using
specific materials. Available for hair colors which
contain strong ingredients.

Spout Pouches

Specialized package for multiple use. Easy to use and
keep by applying the cap on top.

Big Size Sample Pouches

New concept of pouch which combined sample pouch and leaflet. Available to print product description and
other information on pouch package.

Tetrahedron (Pyramid) Shaped Pouches

Special tetrahedron shaped pouch to contain min. 1g~max. 7g. Available forshowing minimal and cutie