Rubber Gel Mask


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  Lip Tint


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  Petal Mg:gel Mask


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  Micro Fill Patch


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Developing Products

Available Products List
Products Categories Descriptions
Skin cares Basic Cosmetics Skin, Toner, Lotion, Essence, Emulsion, Cream, Ampoule, Eye Cream, Moisturizing Cream,
Firming Cream, Nourishing Cream, Night Cream, Men's All in One Cream, Wash-off Cream,
Peel-off Cream, Self-Heating Cream, O2 Bubble, Modeling Mask, Sleeping Pack,
Pore tightening Pack, etc.
Functional Cosmetics Whitening, Wrinkle Reducing, UV Protecting, Tanning, Multi-Functional, etc.
Hair & Body Cares Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Treatment, Hair Serum, Hair Oil, Hair Heating Cap, Hair Lotion,
Hair Mask, Hair Ampoule, Co2 Body Shaping Patch, Shower Jelly, Oil Salt Scrub, Body Wash,
Body Lotion, Body Scrub, Body Butter, Body Oil, Feminine Cleanser, etc.
Baby Cares Baby Wipes, Baby Wash, Baby Shampoo, Baby Lotion, Baby Cream, Baby Oil, Baby Sun Cream,
Baby Shower Jelly, Baby Cleanser, etc.
Special Formulations Formulation filled by high-temp., Formulation filled in double layers
Masks Sheet Masks Fabric sheet masks which packed in various shaped pouches, such as rectangular, rounded,
figuration shape.
3-Dimentional Masks Sheet masks using 3-dimentional fabric which covers some areas that flat masks can’t cover,
like facial ridges, jaws and neck area.
Multi-step Masks 2-step or 3-step treatments which combine the benefits of sheet masks and ampoule, serum,
cream in a pouch.
Press & Fresh Masks New concept of masks which used by squeezing and mixing liquid & dried fabric in a pouch
(for reducing content of preservative).
Hand & Foot Masks Convenient glove or sock typed fabric masks which good for moisturizing hands or feet.
Foot Peeling (Exfoliating) Mask Convenient sock typed film or fabric masks which good for exfoliating & peeling away calluses
or dead skin cells.
Nail Masks Thimble shaped masks which nourish & moisturize & care the damaged nails and cuticles.
Eye Zone Masks Specialized masks which care the sensitive eye zone area, like reducing wrinkles, eye puffiness
and dark circles.
Hair Masks Convenient cap shaped masks which nourish & smooth hair scales without flowing down.
Cleansing Portable Tissues Wet tissues which convenient to carry (Min.10 sheets~Max.30 sheets).
Large Volume Tissues Wet tissues with large volume and available to applied plastic lid on top
(Min.40 sheets~Max. 120 sheets).
Make-up Cleansing Tissues Wet tissues which can gently cleanse and remove make-up (Min.10 shets~Max.120 sheets).
Functional Tissues Feminine Wipes, Deodorizing Wipes, Tanning Wipes, etc. (Min.10 sheets~Max.30 sheets).
Mini Sized Tissues Mini sized wet tissues which convenient to carry (Min.10 sheets~Max.15 sheets).
Pocket Shaped Tissues Newly designed ‘glove-typed’ tissues (Applied for body cleansing Pads or make-up cleansing pads).
Remover Pads Hygienic single sheet typed pads (Applied for nail polish remover pads or make-up remover pads).
Microfiber Pads Tissues which made of microfiber (Applied for soft peeling pads or cleansing pads).
Pads in Jar For multiple use (Applied for lip&eye make-up remover pads or nail polish remover pads).
Hydro-gel Hydro-gel Masks Most commonly used water-soluble hydro-gel masks, such as Facial Masks, Eye & Neck Masks,
Gold Hydro-Gel Masks, Printing Hydro-Gel Masks, etc.
Multi-step Hydro-gel Masks Multi-step treatments that combine the benefits of synergy ampoule and hydro-gel mask in on
Hydro-gel Eye Patches in Jar Multiple use package in plastic jar. Convenient to use and keep.
Patches Nose Pore Strips Peel-off typed strips good for removing dirt and oil and clogging pores around nose.
Spot Reducer Patches Special patch typed treatments for calming and minimizing troubled skin areas and treating acne.
Callus Reducer Heel Patches Special patch typed treatments for moisturizing and soothing and protecting dry, cracked,
callused heels.
Lip Care Gel Patches Special treatments for caring dry and dull lips and skin around mouth.
Other Patches Eye goggle patches, V-line patches, Breast patches, Chin&brow patches
Special Cares Natural Rice Paper Masks Made of rice & tapioca starch, these have excellent skin adhesion and good moisture effect.
Appliedfor facial care, body care, neck care.
CO2 Patches (Patented) Made by higher-graded technology (patented) to coat acids and salts on the surface of
fabric material. In case of applied liquid on the surface, CO2 gas can be generated.
Micro Needle Patches By combined 90% of Hyaluronic Acid in the needles with microscopic bumps, these can penetrate
active ingredients through the skin and deliver more effectively.
Bio-Cellulose Masks Made with fermented coconut water, this can be adhered more closely on face or skin, and can keep face or skin moisturized longer.
Oil Salt Scrub Made with natural salt and oil which separated on different layers, these can help to remove dead
skin cell and give hydrating effect on the skin, more effectively.
Quasi-Drugs One-step Hair Colors (Shampoo Type) Easy to use single usage pouch typed hair colors, just by pressing hair colors into developer part and
then mixing and squeezing onto hairs. Innovative hair color system to combine hair color & developer in a sachet with two separate parts. Ammonia-free!! Fume-free!!
Dual Pouch Types Hair Colors
(Cream Type)
Made through unique package technology to keep hair color and developer in a dual pouch
separately. Just by squeezing hair color & developer onto the comb and comb hairs in just
10 minutes.Ammonia-free!! Fume-free!!
Nasal Strips Made by combining fabric material and elastic carrier, help improve nasal breathing by gently
opening nasal passages. Also these relieve nasal congestion due to sinus colds and allergies,
and reduce or eliminate snoring.
Finger Teeth Wipes Made by coating mouth wash liquid on thimble shaped fabric materials, help cleanse the teeth
without toothpaste and toothbrush.Through high-temp. sterilization system, more hygienically to be
Teeth Cleaning Tissues Tissues which specialized in cleaning teeth without toothpaste and toothbrush. Throughhigh-temp.
sterilization system, more hygienically to be used.
Pouches Figuration Shape By various figuration shapes pouches, this can maximize visual effect and emphasize the concept of
Large Volume Pouches which can contain over 10g of liquids. Applied for mainly body cares and creamy face
Hair Color Pouch Pouches which keep excellent durability by using specific materials. Applied for hair colors which
contain strong ingredients.
Spout Pouch Specialized package for multiple use. Easy to use and keep by applying the cap on top.
Big Sized Pouch New concept of pouch which combined small pouch and leaflet. Available to print products
description and other info on pouch package.
Tetrahedron (Pyramid) Shape Special tetrahedron shaped pouch to contain min.1g~max. 7g Available for showing minimal and
cutie appearance.