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About Us

1.About Company




Since we originally developed cosmetic patches, such as nose pore strips and anti-wrinkle patches and exported them to USA market in 1999, we, ADWIN KOREA

has been launching so many and various skin&health care items with specific features continuously, and, as a result, we could have proved the competitiveness in

 quality and price of Korean skincare cosmetics in worldwide market, and also could have grown as Korea’s leading skin&health care company in global market which controlled by some big national brands. But, we are still eager for jumping up to be more innovative company which can improve global customers’ health and beauty higher and greater, and for achieving this goal, we are striving with challenge & research sprits, under the company’s slogan,



 Under our company motto, “PASSION” ”HONESTY” ”CONTRIBUTION TO NATION”, we, ADWIN KOREA, promise to try our best to serve our all customers passionately and honestly, and also, eventually, to contribute to nation and community, in the future.






  1. Pyeongtaek CGMP Factory, R&D Center

Pyeongtaek Factory, which started operating in Jan, 2012, has been manufacturing facial sheet masks and other various skin care cosmetics, and through the
completion of the 2nd expansion in Oct, 2014, organized the biggest production capacity which can manufacture not only all kinds of cosmetics except for hair
color cosmetics, but also quasi-drugs including hair color items. Moreover, through having got the CGMP certificate from KFDA in 2015, Pyeongtaek Factory has
become specializedmanufacturer for health & beauty care products with global competitiveness, in name as well as in reality.


Main Products

Skin Cares, Cleansing, Facial Sheet Masks, Hair&Body Cares, Hand&Foot Cares, Hair Colors



  1. Hwasung 1 Factory

Hwasung1 factory, which completed in Sep, 2008, has been manufacturing cleansing wipes, various wet wipes, hand&foot masks, teeth cleaning wipes, nasal strips,
finger teeth wipes and other various new products. Most of those products have been exported to overseas market. Especially, through developing some unique typed
skin care products by converting fabric materials, Hwasung1 Factory has been striving to open up new concept of cosmetics, continuously.


Main Products

Cleansing&WetWipes, Hand&Foot Masks, Nasal Strips, Finger Teeth Wipes, Teeth Cleaning Wipes


  1. Hwasung 2Factory

Hwasung2 Factory was our first manufacturing site which completed in 2003, and afterwards, through the expansion and re-building in 2013, it has been re-organized as leading company in the field of patch cosmetics which have been changed the concept of cosmetics from “putting-on” to “adhering”. Especially, through technology and know-how for coating of hydro-gel formula which shows excellent moisturizing effect and adhesion effect, this factory has been manufacturing so various typed patches, such as Hydro-gel Face Masks, Nose Pore Strips, Eye Gel Patches, Spot Reducer Patches, Callus Reducer Patches, Body Slimming Patches and Lip Care Gel Patches and so on. And now, Hwasung 2 Factory is striving to complete the high-tech DDS(Drug Delivery System), continuously.


  1. China Factory

Suzhou Factory, which located in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China, was established in 2015, under the motto to introduce superior technology of Korean cosmetics in China, and to take a role of advance guard for satisfying Chinese customers needs for Korean cosmetics. Under a CGMP leveled facilities, this factory can manufacture and supply Facial Sheet Masks,Pouch Cosmetics,Multi-step Treatments,Hydro-gel Masks,Nose Pore Strips,Eye Patches and other attractive skin care products to Chinese market.


Main Products

Facial Sheet Masks, Multi-step Masks, Hydro-gel Masks, Nose Pore Strips, Eye Patches, Pouch Cosmetics, Hand&Foot Masks




We have been developing and manufacturing the best quality of products by optimizing the OEM/ODM system and the efficient
manufacturing process.


We have equipped specialized OEM/ODM production system to accord with customers needs and have been striving to get the best achievements in all business fields, by acquiring enough competitiveness in all processes such as R&D and mass production and up to follow-up management service. Actually, we have been
supplying so many and various skin care items under private label package to Chain Drug Stores and Discount Chain Stores in North America, from years ago, and also,
have been developing and manufacturing many kinds of OEM/ODM products for various domestic and foreign cosmetics manufacturers.


  1. OEM Original Equipment manufacturing

This is the specific method to develop formulations which requested by customers and manufacture & supply the finish products with package design and trademarks which provided by customers.


  1. ODM Original Development & Design Manufacturing

This method is also called “Manufacturer’s Development and Production” or “manufacturer’s Design and Production”, and is a total service system by which manufacturer is a taking responsibility for all production processes ranging from product planning, development, production to quality control and shipment, based on its own technology and know-how, for customers.



4.Developing Products

Available Products List




Skin cares

Basic Cosmetics

Skin, Toner, Lotion, Essence, Emulsion, Cream, Ampoule, Eye Cream, Moisturizing Cream, Firming Cream, Nourishing Cream, Night Cream, Men's All in One Cream, Wash-off Cream, Peel-off Cream, Self-Heating Cream, O2 Bubble, Modeling Mask, Sleeping Pack, Pore tightening Pack, etc.

Functional Cosmetics

Whitening, Wrinkle Reducing, UV Protecting, Tanning, Multi-Functional, etc.

Hair & Body Cares

Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Treatment, Hair Serum, Hair Oil, Hair Heating Cap, Hair Lotion, Hair Mask, Hair Ampoule, Co2 Body Shaping Patch, Shower Jelly, Oil Salt Scrub, Body Wash, Body Lotion, Body Scrub, Body Butter, Body Oil, Feminine Cleanser, etc.

Baby Cares

Baby Wipes, Baby Wash, Baby Shampoo, Baby Lotion, Baby Cream, Baby Oil, Baby Sun Cream, Baby Shower Jelly, Baby Cleanser, etc.

Special Formulations

Formulation filled by high-temp., Formulation filled in double layers


Sheet Masks

Fabric sheet masks which packed in various shaped pouches, such as rectangular, rounded, figuration shape.

3-Dimentional Masks

Sheet masks using 3-dimentional fabric which covers some areas that flat masks cant cover, like facial ridges, jaws and neck area.

Multi-step Masks

2-step or 3-step treatments which combine the benefits of sheet masks and ampoule, serum, cream in a pouch.

Press & Fresh Masks

New concept of masks which used by squeezing and mixing liquid & dried fabric in a pouch (for reducing content of preservative).

Hand & Foot Masks

Convenient glove or sock typed fabric masks which good for moisturizing hands or feet.

Foot Peeling (Exfoliating) Mask

Convenient sock typed film or fabric masks which good for exfoliating & peeling away calluses or dead skin cells.

Nail Masks

Thimble shaped masks which nourish & moisturize & care the damaged nails and cuticles.

Eye Zone Masks

Specialized masks which care the sensitive eye zone area, like reducing wrinkles, eye puffiness and dark circles.

Hair Masks

Convenient cap shaped masks which nourish & smooth hair scales without flowing down.


Portable Tissues

Wet tissues which convenient to carry (Min.10 sheets~Max.30 sheets).

Large Volume Tissues

Wet tissues with large volume and available to applied plastic lid on top (Min.40 sheets~Max. 120 sheets).

Make-up Cleansing Tissues

Wet tissues which can gently cleanse and remove make-up (Min.10 shets~Max.120 sheets).

Functional Tissues

Feminine Wipes, Deodorizing Wipes, Tanning Wipes, etc. (Min.10 sheets~Max.30 sheets).

Mini Sized Tissues

Mini sized wet tissues which convenient to carry (Min.10 sheets~Max.15 sheets).

Pocket Shaped Tissues

Newly designed glove-typed tissues (Applied for body cleansing Pads or make-up cleansing pads).

Remover Pads

Hygienic single sheet typed pads (Applied for nail polish remover pads or make-up remover pads).

Microfiber Pads

Tissues which made of microfiber (Applied for soft peeling pads or cleansing pads).

Pads in Jar

For multiple use (Applied for lip&eye make-up remover pads or nail polish remover pads).


Hydro-gel Masks

Most commonly used water-soluble hydro-gel masks, such as Facial Masks, Eye & Neck Masks, Gold Hydro-Gel Masks, Printing Hydro-Gel Masks, etc.

Multi-step Hydro-gel Masks

Multi-step treatments that combine the benefits of synergy ampoule and hydro-gel mask in on pouch.

Hydro-gel Eye Patches in Jar

Multiple use package in plastic jar. Convenient to use and keep.


Nose Pore Strips

Peel-off typed strips good for removing dirt and oil and clogging pores around nose.

Spot Reducer Patches

Special patch typed treatments for calming and minimizing troubled skin areas and treating acne.

Callus Reducer Heel Patches

Special patch typed treatments for moisturizing and soothing and protecting dry, cracked, callused heels.

Lip Care Gel Patches

Special treatments for caring dry and dull lips and skin around mouth.

Other Patches

Eye goggle patches, V-line patches, Breast patches, Chin&brow patches

Special Cares

Natural Rice Paper Masks

Made of rice & tapioca starch, these have excellent skin adhesion and good moisture effect.
Applied for facial care, body care, neck care.

CO2 Patches (Patented)

Made by higher-graded technology (patented) to coat acids and salts on the surface of fabric material. In case of applied liquid on the surface, CO2 gas can be generated.

Micro Needle Patches

By combined 90% of Hyaluronic Acid in the needles with microscopic bumps, these can penetrate active ingredients through the skin and deliver more effectively.

Bio-Cellulose Masks

Made with fermented coconut water, this can be adhered more closely on face or skin, and can keep face or skin moisturized longer.

Oil Salt Scrub

Made with natural salt and oil which separated on different layers, these can help to remove dead skin cell and give hydrating effect on the skin, more effectively.


One-step Hair Colors (Shampoo Type)

Easy to use single usage pouch typed hair colors, just by pressing hair colors into developer part and then mixing and squeezing onto hairs. Innovative hair color system to combine hair color & developer in a sachet with two separate parts. Ammonia-free!! Fume-free!!

Dual Pouch Types Hair Colors

Made through unique package technology to keep hair color and developer in a dual pouch

(Cream Type)

separately. Just by squeezing hair color & developer onto the comb and comb hairs in just 10 minutes.Ammonia-free!! Fume-free!!

Nasal Strips

Made by combining fabric material and elastic carrier, help improve nasal breathing by gently opening nasal passages. Also these relieve nasal congestion due to sinus colds and allergies, and reduce or eliminate snoring.

Finger Teeth Wipes

Made by coating mouth wash liquid on thimble shaped fabric materials, help cleanse the teeth without toothpaste and toothbrush. Through high-temp. sterilization system, more hygienically to be used.

Teeth Cleaning Tissues

Tissues which specialized in cleaning teeth without toothpaste and toothbrush. Through high-temp.
Sterilization system, more hygienically to be used.


Figuration Shape

By various figuration shapes pouches, this can maximize visual effect and emphasize the concept of products

Large Volume

Pouches which can contain over 10g of liquids. Applied for mainly body cares and creamy face masks.

Hair Color Pouch

Pouches which keep excellent durability by using specific materials. Applied for hair colors which contain strong ingredients.

Spout Pouch

Specialized package for multiple use. Easy to use and keep by applying the cap on top.

Big Sized Pouch

New concept of pouch which combined small pouch and leaflet. Available to print products description and other info on pouch package.

Tetrahedron (Pyramid) Shape

Special tetrahedron shaped pouch to contain min.1g~max. 7g Available for showing minimal and cutie appearance.


5.R&D Center



Originally, ADWIN KOREA has organized R&D Lab. in Aug, 2009 and then, consecutively has organized Design&Package Development Department in 2011,
and organized
Product Developement Team in 2013, and also, Harecare Lab in 2014, and eventually, completed to organize ADWIN KOREA R&D Center

which consolidated the above all institutes and departments, in Apr, 2015. Currently, our R&D Center is composed of 2 Laboratories and 1 Department and 1 Team.
Our R&D Center with researchers who possess passion and competitiveness, is striving to develop and commercialize best quality and high-tech of beauty&health
care products which can be appealed to worldwide market, under the motto of
. And also, we are trying our best to realize
our eventual dream to lead the lifestyle of people all around the world, by jumping up to the specialized Health&Beauty R&D Institute, which is seeking for clean
and convenient beauty.


  1. Skin Care Lab

This Lab. Is developing and commercializing the formulation of skin care products, such as fundamental cosmetics, facial masks, cleansing products, various patch typed products and also, DDS(Drug Delivery System).


  1. Hair Care Lab

This Lab. Is researching and developing various hair treatment products and hair colors. Especially, recently, through developing “one-step shampoo typed hair-color” and “cream typed hair color in pouch package” which patented for unique technique. This Lab. Is making an innovation in hair color market.


  1. Design & Package Development Dept.

This Lab. Is developing various & unique designs for cosmetic products and the specialized package materials and more convenient & effective technology in filling and packaging.


  1. Product Development Team

This team is striving to catch customers’ needs and to plan, develop & commercialize unique new products, through continuous market research or product review. Above all, this team is the most important mecca of product development which has been launching around over 100 new items, every year.


Main Research Areas

Our R&D Center is striving to create the best value of products through continuous research & development and investment.


01.Development of Core Formulation for Cosmetics

We are trying to make development of various formulation which matched for customer’s needs. Actually we are striving to supply the best solution for making skin beautiful and healthy in various skin care field, such as fundamental skin care products, cleansing products, facial masks, body&hair cares and hand&foot cares and up to baby care products. Also, we are trying to research and develop for focusing on higher-leveled development of various functional cosmetics for wrinkle care, whitening, UV protection, ultra-hydration minimizing skin irritation, improvement of hypo-allergenic  preservative formula and natural&organic cosmetics.


02. Development of Patch Typed Cosmetics

ADWIN KOREA R&D Center is the leader who has changed the concept of cosmetics from “putting-on” to “adhering”. Since we showed our unique and specific coating technology by launching “Nose Pore Strips” in the early 1990s’ we have been upgrading this technology by developing various hydro-gel typed products such as Eye Gel Patches, Spot Reducer Patches, Callus Reducer Heel Patches and Lip Gel Patches continuously, and eventually we have reached to the development of water-soluble hydro-gel typed products with higher hydration and more adhesion and better quality, and these products have been already recognized as innovative cosmetic products by worldwide customers. Above all, the CO2 patches which developed recently are manufactured by too difficult technology to coat acids and salts on the surface of fabric material, and this product has already been proved to show some excellent effect for reducing cellulite and improving blood circulation.

Eventually, we are trying our best to be the R&D Center which specialized in the field of Medical Beauty Cosmetics, by researching & developing the DDS(Drug Delivery System) which considered as the promising technology in the future.


03. Development of various pouch-typed products

Our technology to manufacture pouch typed products, initiated by producing the small sized sample pouches, and then, consecutively, has been developed and commercialized to the various shaped or typed pouches, such as round shape or specific shapes, for example, face, hair or body shapes in which min.10g~max.50g of liquid can be filled, and multi-step pouches in which several different liquids can be filled. Especially, in the field of hair color, we have developed and patented innovative technology by which can be packed & mixed the developer and hair color in a pouch. And, not limited to this step, we have been striving to develop so various and convenient pouch typed hair color products consecutively and making some important epoch in the hair color market. Eventually, through our innovative and various typed pouches, consumers may get a chance to use cosmetic much more easily and more conveniently.


04. Technology of converting various fabric materials

ADWIN KOREA has accumulated specific technology to convert fabric materials variously in cutting, folding, printing, impregnation, adhesion by heat and converting by ultrasonic waves and, eventually, we have launched so many and practical items, by combining these various fabric materials and cosmetic formula. For instance, “Hand&Foot Moisturizing Masks” and “Exfoliating Foot Mask” which manufactured by putting specific formula liquid into glove or sock typed fabric materials, and “Finger Teeth Wipes” which manufactured by coating mouth wash liquid on thimble shaped fabric materials, and “Nasal Strips” which manufactured by combining fabric material and elastic carrier, were already ranked on our hot sellers list and also as the successors, “Micro Fiber Pads” and “Fingernail Masks” and Hair Heating Cap” and “Fruit Point Pads” were recognized for high-tech in fabric-converting process and the specific design, and all of these products are regarded as most practical and attractive products by many consumers around the world. In the future, by upgrading this technology to combine fabric materials and functional cosmetic liquids continuously, we will make this one become the growth engine to lead future’s cosmetic industry.


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